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To see updates on current projects, cars and motorcycles for sale, and upcoming events. Check back often to see updates of projects in our gallery.

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Gallery / Events

Cars for Sale

35 Ford Tudor
53 PanHead
58 Del Ray

Current Projects

1942 Chevy Pick-up
1946 Willis Jeep
1948 Ford Shoebox Rat Rod

1949 Chevy Pick-up
1954 Chevy
1957 Chevy Bel Air 4 door

1960 Willis Jeep
1967 Chevy Panel
1955 Chevy jim k

1956 Chevy todds

Past Projects

50 GMC Exhaust and Beehive
51 Merc Kustom
51 Merc Lead Sled

58 Chevy Impala Kustom
1956 Chevy Old Air Install

Motorcycle Projects

78 Shovelhead Restored
2003 Fat Boy


Personal Collection

Choose the Experts

With our knowledge and expertise of classic cars, Good Ol’ Days Garage will do what we can to return your vehicle to its former glory. Call us today for more information.